09 November 2014

picoCTF 2014

Since picoCTF 2014 is already over, and I've competed in it and answered a reasonable amount of questions, I'll post the answers to some of the questions along with explanations.

I placed among the top 10% (a.k.a. I did better than 90% of the participants who had a score of at least 10 points) and I scored a lot more than over 1000 points, which really isn't that great, but I still feel a slight sense of accomplishment, especially since I didn't have any team members whom I could work together with or ask for assistance (the problems had, quite literally, intimidated them away).

Wow, now that I reread that last sentence, it makes it appear a lot more sad than it actually was; but, strangely (or perhaps not), I always do tend to work better when alone...