09 November 2014

Function Address - 60

We found this program file on some systems. But we need the address of the 'find_string' function to do anything useful! Can you find it for us?
Since the program file is a binary file, we'd need a disassembler to view its contents. There are various ways to disassemble a binary file, but I decided to use Online Disassembler since I can view the File Info, Hex Dump, and I can view the Disassembly along with Sections of the code.

To upload the program file (which should be downloaded on your computer by now), I clicked on 'File', then 'Upload File...'

I named the project Function Address (since you have to give it a name, else it won't disassemble) after the problem itself, and then I uploaded the file before pressing 'Upload'

Platform Options were displayed, and after reading them I pressed 'Ok'

After waiting a few seconds, for everything to load, everything was disassembled and, conveniently, there is a column to the left where each function is listed along with its Memory Address (which is what we're trying to find for find_string)

I highlighted the find_string function along with its Memory Address for visibility.

Its Memory Address (and the flag) is 0x08048444